PopFlush: Cleaning Out Your Mailbox

PopFlush is a very simple program (at least until I get more time to work on it). It will clean some or all messages out of your POP3 mailbox. It can be run from the command line, or as a CGI program on your web server.

Command Line

To run it from the command line, you must specify the following arguments in the following order:

Optional arguments (must be entered before the pop server name):

CGI-Bin Usage

PopFlush can also be run from a web form. See an example of it's use on our server (please don't use it a lot, as we have a slow connection to the Internet). The example HTML file is included with all the downloadable files, so you can refer to it for usage (variable names must be kept the same). Note that the CGI version does not support filter programs.



PopFlush is currently offered under the GPL (GNU Public License). I may at some point switch to some version of the BSD license, if there is sufficient demand. The author is Vicky Staubly.

To Do

In future releases, I'd like to add more options about which messages to delete. For example, ones over a certain size, or ones with a particular word or phrase in one of the email headers (to, from, subject, etc.).